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  • Couples Therapy
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Get the Professional Help You Need to Grow. Because You’re Worth It. 

Mindfulness & brain science tools, along with MBSR, DBT, IFS and ACT therapy models.

And Grow!

Realize your strengths

Understand your barriers

Identify the problem

I’ll Help You:

  • Validated and seen 
  • More connected to yourself and others
  • Empowered and capable
  • Emotionally free


  • Mindfulness coping skills 
  • Simplified brain science tips
  • Self-awareness and clarity
  • Confidence and self-worth


  • Regulate your anxiety and emotions
  • Release yourself from childhood trauma
  • Improve your life and relationships
  • See things in a different, healthier way

Learn (how to):

Through our work together you will: 

It’s Time to Feel Good Again


MA Counseling Psychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute PhD in Family Therapy, Nova Southeastern University

My Training: PhD, LMFT 

I openly share my own journey through mental health and trauma to help you feel less alone and empowered to share your story.

Sharing Relatable Stories:

I break down the complex processes in our brain in a way that’s easily digestible and relatable so that you can understand your thoughts and behaviors.

Simplifying Brain Science:

I use a blend of brain science, mindfulness tools, relatability and humor to connect with my clients.

My Approach & Superpowers

Therapy and mindfulness saved my life and made me feel whole again. Now I want the same for you. 

We All Need A Little Help Sometimes.

Frequently Asked Questions

I offer teletherapy services via a secure video platform or phone call.

Each therapy session costs $175. 

I do not accept insurance; however, I’m happy to help you fill out a reimbursement form if applicable. Call your insurance and ask about your out-of-network benefits.

My therapy sessions are process-oriented, diving deeper into your internal dialogue and thought processes to help you heal from the inside out. My coaching programs are action-oriented giving you strategic plans to help you move through external obstacles and achieve your goals.

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No matter what you’re growing through it’s never too late to change your life and feel better.

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Get access to the BODY framework tool. A step-by-step breakdown teaching you how to breathe, observe, describe and yield so that you can better manage your emotions.

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