Accountability + Motivation. Clarity + Confidence. Actionable Plans + Direction.

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But it is keeping you stuck, and preventing you from blooming into all you could be. It’s time to do the deeper healing work. I’ll show you how. 

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  • Understand your problem, along with other contributing factors using my 5-step process: Assess, Acknowledge, Align, Adjust, Action
  • Learn tools to help you break free from old patterns and align your behaviors with your core values

added benefits:

  • Six, 60-minute sessions 

What’s Included: 

You’re looking to overcome a major obstacle that’s been holding you back, but you’re not sure how. Whether it’s related to behavior, career or relationships we can work together to help you leave your biggest barrier behind and move forward. 

Break through your biggest barrier 

The Growth Spurt Program

1:1 Coaching Programs


  • Learn my exclusive secrets for how to successfully grow through your obstacles 
  • Establish practical goals and receive a step-by-step action plan to help you achieve them 

added benefits:

  • Twenty-four, 60-minute sessions
  • Ongoing support via Voxer 
  • Access to a monthly guest speaker

What’s Included: 

You’re looking for someone to hold you accountable and guide you through every step of your journey. Together we can work through your major pain points, and make serious shifts in your subconscious mindset. 

Dive deeper with long-term support

The Grow Through This Signature Program

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DURATION: 8 weekS | group size: $1495 | cost: $1250

  • Experience a safe, empowering space to share your story
  • Feel less alone through hearing others’ stories
  • Learn powerful tools and exercises to help you grow

added benefits:

  • 3 group coaching sessions per month 
  • 1 guest speaker per month

What’s Included: 

You’re looking to grow in one particular area, while also gaining lifelong connections and support. Join an intimate group and work together through one special theme that changes with every 8-week program. 

Heal within an intimate community 

The Growth Group

Group Coaching Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

My coaching programs are action-oriented giving you strategic plans to help you move through external obstacles and achieve your goals. My therapy sessions are process-oriented, diving deeper into your internal dialogue and thought processes to help you heal from the inside out. 

All programs are held virtually on Zoom for your convenience. 

All you need besides your computer or tablet, is your deep empathy, curiosity and a willingness to learn and grow. 

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Feel Calmer. Breathe Better. Improve Your Health. Boost Your Focus. Recover Faster. 

90 Seconds to Calm

  • Quick meditation and grounding practices for your busy life
  • Step-by-step instructions guiding you through the process


Learn beginner meditation practices, along with other grounding techniques, in my four-week online course. You’ve been wanting to try mediation. This is your sign from the universe to start.

Special Courses

- F.R., August 31, 2021

I feel so grateful for Dr Kalicinski . For the first time I found someone who understands me. She is there for me and won’t give up on me and sometimes that is all people need. She meets me were I am at and does not judge my journey . She is extremely insightful, passionate and knowledgeable. I am so blessed and grateful I found her.

For the first time I found someone who understands me

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you in your meditation journey. 

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