Where mindfulness meets brain science with a dash of spirituality. 

Feeling lonely, lost, anxious or stuck? You’re not the only one and my podcast will prove it. Join me, experts and real, everyday people as we share our stories and dive into raw, intimate convos about navigating our shared human experiences including grief, trauma and loneliness.
You’ll walk away with tools, simplified knowledge about the brain and its processes, and also direct resources to help support you in your journey. 

So what are you waiting for? Cry, laugh and heal with us. Our podcast is your home too, you belong here.

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Loneliness is a real thing.  And it’s a growing public health concern worldwide. 

let's talk about loneliness

In episode 18, on The Dr. Sylvia K Show Podcast, I talk about utilizing your value system to help you create new behaviors...

Mental detox

In episode 2 of season 2, you will meet Anne Riesling,  a female entrepreneur, athlete, people lover, finance geek and social media strategist. 

Believe in yourself & Conquer fear with anne riesling

This is not a light topic or a short podcast episode. In 1 hour and 19 minutes, Mikah and I get personal and have a lengthy conversation about the intricacies of loneliness,  Generation Z,  and narcissistic fathers.

Loneliness & narcissistic

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“Refreshing conversation that gently takes you down the road of introspection and healing. Thank you Dr. Sylvia K. Looking forward to future episodes and your humanistic, authentic delivery on all matters of the mind, heart and body connection.”  

Authentic Delivery

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