Sometimes I feel anxious, lonely, sad, behind, and overwhelmed. 

You too? I’m so glad you’re here.

But it is keeping you stuck, and preventing you from blooming into all you could be. It’s time to do the deeper healing work. I’ll show you how. 

Growing up I moved from place to place, living with a series of abusive stepmothers. When my father wasn’t drinking his grief away or fighting with my brother, he was gone for long periods of time. I felt deeply alone

I didn’t belong anywhere.

My parents came to the U.S. as undocumented Polish immigrants. Later, my mother returned to Poland after her health declined. She passed away from a brain aneurysm when I was three years old. I never got to say goodbye

I grew up in a complex family system.

My story

i'm ready to grow
Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) 
Certified Yoga Instructor
Grief Training, Grief Recovery Institute
Post-Grad Clinical Training, CG Jung Institute


MA Counseling Psychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute 
PhD in Family Therapy, Nova Southeastern University


Brain science, mindfulness and a dash of spirituality.

my background

I met my husband
I had my son

at 36

at 35

I went back to school to get my PhD

at 34

You’re never “too old” or “too broken” to change your life.

I opened my own private practice.
I wrote my first book proposal. 

at 35

at 41

I became a doctor

at 40

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enroll in a program



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Here's How

I’m discovering what’s possible, and you can too. 

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