Lockdown, When Fear Hits Too Close to Home

Last Tuesday, I went about my normal routine on my way to work. First stop was my daily drop off at my son’s preschool. As we walked towards his classroom, I found the door locked. It felt strange but nothing alarming. I knocked gently, however, no one answered. Maybe the kids are at the playground, I thought. However, after looking down the other hallway that leads to an outside playground, I could see through the windows that it was empty. An eerie feeling crept in. I knocked again on the classroom door, this time louder. The teacher’s assistant finally opened the door and said, “We just got out of a lockdown.” She told me that a homeless man was spotted on the school’s roof while under the influence of drugs.

My reaction split in two. Half of me, which is the therapist, was concerned and wondered could this homeless man be a person who is not receiving mental health treatment? The other half, the worried mom, catastrophized the event in my mind. What if this man had been a live shooter? With a blank stare, and tears ready to spill out, I said, “I am relieved everyone is ok.”

All of these thoughts offer a dose of the reality that all of our children and families are living in today. We live in a world where any school can be a target for a mass shooting and in a society that can ignore the importance of mental health treatment.

Studies show that about 50% of individuals with severe psychiatric disorders (3.5 million people) are receiving no mental health treatment (NIMH). We live in a systemic world that is interconnected. From a school lock down, to a young homeless man living with substance abuse and mental illness, to a lead therapist working in an outpatient behavioral health center, we are all impacted by mental health issues. We can begin to increase our awareness of the impact that mental health has in our lives by keeping an on-going conversation about it. I look forward to continuing this conversation with all of you as we continue to make efforts in raising awareness about mental health in our homes, workplace and community.

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